Index Mode without calibration on start up

How can I avoid calibration but i need to use the driver with encoder

Hey @Nidhi_Rao

Are you okay with some limited movement during startup or does your application require the motor to stay completely still during startup?

If you just want to avoid calibration you can use any encoder and save the motor + encoder calibration data after performing an initial calibration. If you require the motor be completely still you’ll need to use an absolute encoder.

Skip calibration but have some (small) movement on startup: check here.
No movement whatsoever (using absolute encoders): see here.

Hope that helps!

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I don’t want any movement. I have an inbuilt encoder so I am facing issues. Your post suggests other encoders. I have an absolute encoder without index signal. Anyway I can work around it?

An absolute encoder doesn’t use an index pulse, it just outputs its current angle directly.
If you have an absolute encoder you can calibrate once, when you first set up your system, then every time after that you can immediately go into closed-loop control.
The ODrive supports absolute encoders, but currently only a few models are implemented.

From my post I linked to previously:

I’m using the AS5047P (Digikey Link ).
To use them you’ll need the RazorsEdge firmware branch (from here ).

To set up the encoder, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page here ( Under AS5047/AS5048 Encoders)

More info:

Using this encoder (or another supported absolute encoder), you can get rid of movement on startup. No index pulse is needed.

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