Infineon TLI5012B Encoder support

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use the Infineon TLI5012B magnetic encoder with an Odrive PRO.

I saw some referenced from several years ago about Infineon encoders, and a mention for it in the Odrive encoder guide without specific info if it is supported or not.

The encoder has SPI-ish interface (SSC), which I’m not sure Odrive PRO supports.

Has anyone been able to integrate it ? if so, how do I connect it and what configuration to use.
It would be amazing help. Thank you!

Hi! We nominally have TLE5012B support, and I think the TLI5012B is the same pinout and protocol, so it should be nominally compatible. That being said, from what I remember our findings are that the TLE5012B is a terrible encoder, and we’ve been considering dropping protocol support for a while – it also hasn’t been tested in a while, so it’s a toss-up if it’ll work out of the box. That being said, if you really need it we can support your use!

I’m very curious – if I may ask, why are you using a TLE5012B? What factors went into your decision to use it?

Hey Solomon, thank you for the response. We decided to drop it for now and work on a different solution.

I had a bunch of trouble trying to read it and integrate it and had no saying in choosing this encoder. It came integrated as the output gear encoder in the CubeMars AK10-9 V2.0 KV60.

Gotcha, understood! Maybe you could use an OA1?