Issue v3.6 56V vs v3.5 24V

I’ve recently purchase a few ODrive V3.6 56V boards as spares incase my current V3.5 24V board should stop working. However, I’ve found my axis0 motor behaves differently with these boards than it does with the V3.5 board. the Axis1 motor/encoder seems to work the same but the Axis0 motor whines like its a pos_gain or vel_gain issue. I’ve copied the configuration .json file from the old one to the new ones and flashed the same firmware to them. As far as I’m aware the only difference is the caps. Does anyone have any idea why this might be. Thanks. Rob.

Also, I’ve sample the whine and its 1.6kHz if that is of any use to anybody.

Hi there,

Are both boards running the same firmware version? What motor are you using? What’s the phase_inductance?


Yes both boards are currently running the same firmware (0.5.4). The motor is the Thingap LSI 75-12. The phase inductance when using the V3.5 is 0.18mH and when using the V3.6 is 0.23mH. There is a difference in the measured inductance, do you believe this could be the issue? Thanks.