Motor freaking out


My motor freaks out sometimes, how can I stop this from happening?

Full calibration: works

Putting it in closed loop control: works

But, when asking for a position, the motor sometimes just starts spinning way to fast, also when holding its position and you try to spin it, the motor sometimes just start spinning super fast and after one of those cases, the motor ‘craches’

Anyone who knows how to solve this?



Carelsbergh Stijn

I’ve had that happen when the cpr has drifted due noise in encoder signal. Do you have an oscilloscope to check encoder signal integrity?

I’ve had a similar issue which I describe here: Spinning after enabling closed loop control

Never got to figuring out why it’s happening though.

I have also been experiencing this. On 0.4.11, I see it occasionally after startup. On RazorsEdge, it happens if you manually rotate the motor shaft.