Multistar 9235-100KV Alternative

Hello all!

Proud owner of a new O-drive, the first project I want to tackle is trying to build the OpenTorque actuator. The first stumbling block I have run into is finding a similar motor to the one that Gabrael spec’d. The link in the BOM is no longer active, and I can’t find the motor available on hobbyking either.

I have looked on Alibaba as well and found some similar (can’t post the links because of a new user link limit, will add in comments), but the rated current is much lower. Any other suggestions on places to look? This is my first foray into brushless motors so any help or advice is appreciated!

I have found these which look similar, although the first has a lower current limit so is probably out:

I have order 2 of this and recived them, the are acctualy marked as W92-35 KV100 and seem to be of very good quality: W9235 (8318) High power Brushless Motor Plant Protection UAV Outer Rotor Motor Drone 6 12s Voltage|rubber band exercise|band spikerubber band car - AliExpress


But, i am going with this design SpryDrive |
, the orginal OpenTorque actuator has a bearing that has gone widely up in price, you can get used once but new once have a crazy price :frowning:

Btw, the second one you list is not the same motor at all, they use the name “8318” on a lot of motors, lol


Thanks! Not familiar with SpryDrive, I’ll look into it.