No response form hoverboard motors (and I guess a whole slew of other issues)

Hi all,

This is my first project with the odrive, so sorry if my language here is a bit off. I’m currently going through the guide on github to get the odrive working with hoverboard motor controllers. When I run the calibration code I get no twitch or beep from the motor. I have error codes 141 for the axis, 8 for the motor, and 10 for the encoder. Not sure which one to tackle first.

I was able to use the shadow_count method to see that there were 90 ticks as I rotated the motor once, so I’m pretty sure setting the pole_pairs variable to 15 is right.

I am using odrive utility v0.4.3, I would love to flash to the newest version but for some reason zadig fails to rewrite the driver to libusb-win32 (in fact it doesn’t seem to detect any driver on there) and when I force DFU on the board with the switch, dfuse doesn’t seem to detect anything. So I’m not really sure what the core issue is here.

Thank you to anyone who reads this!

Error 8 for the motor is not good, that means DRV_FAULT. This was common on ODrive v3.4: DRV_FAULT on ODrive v3.4. What ODrive hardware version do you have?

Thanks for the fast response! I’ve got the v3.5 48V

Hm in that case it’s possible that you may have a DRV_FAULT for a different reason. Can you read the value of odrv0.axis0.motor.gate_driver.drv_fault after the ODrive has entered DRV_FAULT (motor error 8)?

I took everything apart and went home last night, and then set everything up in a starbucks (I was doing homework with friends) everything worked perfectly, even got the motor to spin. I’m genuinely not sure what I did differently from the other 500 times I attempted this. But thanks for helping out!

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I realized what I did differently in starbucks that made the motors work, and the solution was incredibly simple but I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere on this site so I’ll post it here for completeness’ sake. I remembered that I moved seats while I was at Starbucks, and when I did so I did the following that fixed it for me: I removed the Odrive from it’s power, unplugged the hall effect sensor and chords, plugged everything back in, and everything “magically worked” after that.

When I set everything up back in my lab I first plugged the odrive to power and then plugged in all the wires from the hoverboard motor. The motors didn’t move and I got encoder error 10, so I did what I did in the starbucks and the encoder error went away, and the motors moved again. I can’t believe I didn’t try this before, and I don’t know enough about the science behind these things to explain why it works, but hopefully this helps someone down the line. I may also just be explaining basic information, oh well. Super excited to get to work on my actual project now!