ODrive for 4 axis CNC w/ linear scale encoders

Hi! I’m new on this forum, but I’ve been reading about ODrive for a little while now and I’m considering using it for a 4 axis CNC build. I am looking to building something on the smaller side with a work area of 8"x6"x6", rigid enough to handle steel.

While most cnc use stepper motors, I’d like to try a different approach with BLDC mainly for torque and speed. I also think I can source parts cheaper going this way (despite the ODrive cost).

Precision is one key element of my build, and while it’s purely a hobby build, I’ll do my best to get it as good as I can. This is were I am looking for insights from you:
In addition to the encoders on the motors, I would like to use glass dro (absolute linear scale encoders) to confirm the axis movements and possibly adjust for backlash as the work is progressing.

Did anyone try something similar? Any feedback?