Odrive not working anymore (5V regulator issue)

Hi all,

I got an Odrive 3.6 56V but unfortunately, it is not working.
I powered it up for the first time and connected it to my computer. It detected it for while but I had the issue “Could not open USB device”.
After finding the solution to this issue (Odrivetool "Could not open USB device"), I realized my board was not detected anymore and the power led was off. (I hadn’t change the driver of the USB device to solve the USB problem).

My board only had a 24V power input, a USB connection to my computer and the CAN bus was connected to a controller.

After checking the board I found out that the 5V regulator is not working, it is outputting 24V instead. I am not sure if the board ran for a while like this and then stopped working or if the issue appeared while it was running.

The board itself doesn’t seem damaged (nothing burnt) but it is obviously heating up fast while powered up like this.

Do you have any idea why this problem happened?
Do you think this could have damaged the rest of the board as all the 5V parts are getting 24V input?
Is there any solution to fix that?



I don’t understand how you have USB connected between two ODrives? Is the bottom block supposed to be labeled PC/Laptop/Raspberry Pi?
If the board was purchased from the official shop, i’d suggest emailing info@odriverobotics.com with your serial number (if you have it) and a link to this thread.

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Yes, my bad it is connected to a laptop through USB, I have edited that.
I will try to contact them thanks.

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