ODrive Pro Connection to MITSUBA M2096D-Ⅲ Motor

Hello. My team and I have been working on a Self-Driving Car for the past few weeks, but we have encountered a problem that has put us back to square one. (We are the 3rd generation of this project; Gen 1 and Gen 2 were able to make the move, but due to some complications, most electronics broke down, and the software was corrupted)

We use a Raspberry PI, an ODrive Pro, an AMT103-V Encoder, an MITSUBA M2096D-Ⅲ Brushless DC Motor, and a UNICELL 12.8V DC Car Battery.

We have tested the AMT103-V Encoder separately using the ODrive Pro and Arduino UNO. Connecting the Encoder to the FEEDBACK IO pins 2 (+5V), 3 (ENC0 A), 9 (ENC0 Z), 10 (ENC0 B), and 11 (GND) and Arduino UNO pins +5V, GND, 8, and 9 to ISOLATED IO pins 1 (ISO VDD, +5V), 2 (ISO GND), 7 (UART RX, G12), and 6 (UART TX, G13). [ODrive PRO UART RX to Arduino UNO pin 8 and ODrive UART TX to Arduino UNO pin 9] We are using the code from [AMT10 Encoder setup | Details | Hackaday.io] (AMT10 Encoder setup | Details | Hackaday.io). It can read the encoder output position; however, the ODrive GUI [ODrive (odriverobotics.com)] (ODrive) cannot track its position and velocity.

We have downloaded the Raspberry PI OS, Python 3.11, and ODrive python package. The Raspberry PI can detect the ODrive Pro. However, it cannot be detected on the ODrive GUI ODrive (odriverobotics.com). We connected the Encoder (see above connection), DC Motor, and Power Supply (12.8V) to the ODrive Pro. The Raspberry PI is connected to the power (Type C port) of the ODrive Pro.

Typically, upon connection, the DC Motor will turn once clockwise and once counter-clockwise to calibrate the Encoder. We have confirmed that the ODrive Pro receives the 12.8V DC but does not redirect the power to the motor to make it spin.

What are we doing wrong? Is it the connections, or is there not enough power, or is the software incompatible?

Hey there,

This seems like a configuration issue. Can you please show exactly how you’re configuring the ODrive Pro? e.g. all setup commands in ODrivetool and/or screenshots of he configuration pages in the GUI.

part 1

part 2

So, we could make the wheel spin and “calibrate.” However, we have this error because the Encoder is a different model, as stated on the website, incompatible with the ODrive Pro.

Okay couple things:

  1. Not sure why you’re selecting the M8325s motor, you should be selecting “other motor” and entering the relevant parameters of the Mitsuba motor
  2. Having ODrivetool and the GUI open simultaniously can cause conflicts and issues, since they both try to exclusively claim the USB port
  3. There shouldn’t be any issues using the AMT103 with the ODrive Pro, it’s just a standard incremental encoder

A few questions:

  1. How is your wiring done? Can you please post some pictures?
  2. What resolution is the AMT103 configured for?
  3. In that last set of GUI screenshots you posted, is that using the AMT103? Or a different encoder?

There should be no overall issues with that encoder or motor or power supply, this is definitely just a configuration issue.

Also, could you post the datasheet of the MITSUBA M2096D-Ⅲ?

MITSUBA M2096D-Ⅲ Manual

To answer the questions asked,

  1. Wiring:

  2. Resolution: 48

  3. We use the same encoder and power supply for all tests.

Hm. You really need to be using the housings from the connector pack or there’s no guarantee the wires will make good contact with the ODrive connectors.

From that image it looks like the encoder is actually configured to 2048 PPR, which is correct.

Is the motor unloaded while running calibration? Note that since you’re using an incremental encoder you’ll need to re-calibrate at each startup. I’d recommend purchasing this encoder instead, it’s an absolute encoder so you only need to calibrate once, and then the ODrive can load the calibration values at each startup (only possible with an absolute encoder).

Alternatively, you can use the hall sensors for the motor in conjunction with the incremental encoder. Do you know the pinout of the hall sensor cable on the motor?

We’re still in the process of fabricating the housing for all the electronics. The only thing on the motor is the wheel. We have purchased the encoder you recommended, and it is coming this Friday.

Okay! That all makes sense.