Odrive Pro not working with Odrivetool after calibrating and firmware update with gui

I recently tried to update the firmware with Odrive GUI but it crashed and the Odrive’s status Led stopped lighting up so I used Odrivetool on Ubuntu with Odrive dfu and erased and updated to the latest firmware for Odrive Pro, then I went back to the Gui on windows and calibrated the whole thing for Odrive Botwheel and it worked on Gui but when I went back to Ubuntu using the Odrivetool it doesn’t work it detects the board but none of the controls(velocity, position) work anymore. what should I do, should I recalibrate on Ubuntu Odrive again?

Hi there,

Sorry, can you elaborate the exact issue you’re having? If you went through the whole calibration flow, the calibration should be saved to the ODrive.

The issue is that after GUI calibration the drive doesn’t work with Odrivetool in Ubuntu, it connects to it but the motor doesn’t move

What motor and encoder are you using?