ODrive V3.6 not recognized in RUN mode (Device Manager nor odrivetool). Re-flash does not help

Just unboxed an ODrive V3.6, 24V. Connected and managed to see the ODrive driver updates on Zadig. Installed successfully. Ran odrivetool and odrv0 was recognized.

Powered off to connect a BLDC to M0, and upon turning it back on, odrivetool does not recognize it. Nothing shows up in Windows Device Manager.

I have tried different laptops, power cycling the board, power cycling the laptops, different USB cables, driver updates, etc. I also checked the forum for other similar posts, but none of the fixes there have worked.

When toggling the switch to DFU, windows recognizes the device under “libusb-win32 devices”, as “STM32 BOOTLOADER”. Toggling the switch to RUN mode, the device disappears.

I tried re-flashing the device when in DFU mode, using odrivetool dfu. Re-flash was successful. Toggled switch to RUN mode and power cycled the board as per the instructions, and again it is not recognized by Windows Device Manager or by odrivetool.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can you unplug everything and try with just USB and power connected?

I did, but saw no difference. Still not detected in RUN mode.

I have tried with and without motors connected, different laptops, different cables and different power supplies. No luck.

Sounds like it might be a hardware defect. Please email info@odriverobotics.com with your order number and a link to this thread so we can follow up with you on it.