ODrive V3.6 only recognized in DFU mode, but not in RUN mode

I have a 56V Odrive V3.6.
I connected it and tried running odrivetool, but the device could not be found. Upon checking the Device Manager, the device did not appear at all either, even without anything else connected besides the ODrive itself
When I switched to DFU mode, Windows identified it as STM32 Bootloader, and I was able to successfully flash firmware v0.5.4 to the device. However, upon power cycling and switching the device back to RUN mode, it couldn’t be recognized again, and didn’t show up on the device manager, nor could it be found by odrivetool.

The issue posted by ojferro here:

seems similar to my situation.

Any assistance or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Does this issue still persist? If yes, this might be a hardware issue, so in that case please email info@odriverobotics.com with your order number and a link to this thread.

Sorry for the late response! The issue was resolved, though I’m not entirely sure why. I changed the cables, the power supply and some other stuff again, and I guess one of those things was causing the problem. It works completely fine now, thanks!

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