Odrive V3 - Dual shaft motor with absolute encoder

Hi, I am currently working with an Odrive V3.6 and was hoping to use it with an absolute encoder.
We currently use the AMT102-V encoder for position control, but are in a situation where the required calibration sequence is not feasible.
A few questions:

  • When using an absolute encoder, we would not have to perform this calibration each time right?
  • I was looking at the AMT232B-V which uses SPI, but could not find whether the V3.6 supports this?
  • I did find some known issues with this encoder, have they been solved yet or should I also prepare for including a tristate buffer?

Thanks in advance!

Calibration needs only to be done once.
I don’t think ODrive 3 supports AMT232B-V.
What issues do you mean?

Thanks for your response! In the encoder guide this git issue from 2020 is referred to, but no update is given on whether it was fixed

If you must use an AMT23 encoder I would strongly suggest upgrading to an ODrive Pro or S1, as this encoder is supported and regularly tested.
If you really have to use a v3.6 you will need to include a tri state buffer of some kind.