Power LED is off when connected to power - Please help

Hello there,

I just got my ODrive yesterday. It is a 3.5 48V version. The power source I am using is a DC variable output supply that ranges from 0 to 20V and has a max current of 0.5A. I made the connections correctly according to the Getting Started guide. The documentation says the ODrive needs 12 to 48 V to turn on and I am giving it 20V.

Everything seems to be in order but the LED will not turn on and odrivetool cannot find the device. Have I done something wrong? Should I get a power supply with higher current output?

normaly it should have turned on, but you will need an otrer power source anyway, because a motor at 0.5A …

Hi Rafaella and welcome

Are you able to confirm with a multimeter that you see a DC voltage of at least 12V across the terminal shown below? Your power supply should be more than enough for powering the board up and connecting to it with odrivetool but as @Stijn_Carelsbergh mentioned you may need a much larger supply to run your motors depending on their size.

I used a multimeter and it read 19.45V. I also tried two other power sources after writing the post, none higher than 20V. The LED has never turned on. I am starting to think that maybe it got damaged during delivery.

Thanks. I was planning on getting a better power source later this week. There is no point in doing it now.

Try to connect just the power: no encoders, no motors, no power resistor, no USB: nothing but the power.
Does the LED still not come on?

If it’s still off with that: email us (info@odriverobotics.com) with your original order number and we’ll arrange to replace your board.

We tried connecting it with just the power and it did not change. I will send you guys an email to arrange the replacement. Thank you for your quick reply.