Shorting negative and ground on PSU for cleaner signaling

I’m having communication issues that seems very similar to:

And from a previous posts intermittent communication issues have been attributed to EMI. I went and got short USBs, ferrite chokes, USB isolators but without solving the issue and I’m hoping now it’s something I can solve by using CAN protocols? or with some grounding magic. Also according to:
Understanding the risk of a ground loop it seems like it might be ground loops but my Odrives are isolated so I don’t think it’s that.

This is all out of my league for now but the working theory is that the power supply noise is screwing with Odrive->computer communications because I’m on the latest firmware, and I get communication issues with the boards even if the motors are unplugged.

My question is will shorting the negative terminal and power supply ground help /be something worth checking or will that explode ?

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If you have communication problems without the motors on then there is something very strange/noisy.

Try running off of a battery, so you can determine whether it is the powersupply or the environment.

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I was running into these kind of problems and switched to CAN which has been working pretty darn good. A bit of a hassel to set up but once it is going it is a good standard.

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