Using limit or home sensors?

Is there currently any support in the firmware for using an external sensors as limit sensors or for homing purposes? If not, is such a feature planned?

I just noticed this comment in this thread, which indicates that support for homing using external sensors is forthcoming. Woohoo! This will be extermely useful in my application.

That comment from March 25th indicated this feature might exist in ‘about a month.’ Are we still looking at that rough timeline? Or has the feature gotten bumped down the roadmap by other features?

Thanks for this great tool. I’m working on replacing some steppers with BLDCs in a multi-axis positioning system, giving us the ability to do force control. The ODrive really opens up a lot of possibilities.

Yes unfortunately that’s been the case: getting ODrive v3.5 validated for production has take a lot of time, and we have received a contract from a client who is paying us to prioritise some other features. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement once firmware v0.4.0 is out, since a lot of the dependencies to get home switches right is already done.

I am wondering if you have gotten a chance to implement the limit switch / homing switch into the ODrive v3.5 firmware?


It is actually feature nr1 on the todo list right now. So soon!