Various getting started issues

I am having a bit of trouble getting started. The getting started guide looks pretty good but I think I need a little more help to get going. If anyone could give me a half an hour to get me rolling it would be greatly appreciated. I used to be a monster at the command prompt back in the dos days and I have grown up with Windows but I am missing some key info I guess. I hope someone can give me a hand in Skype or any other screen sharing app.

Thanks. I’ll be watching closely so if you have a few let me know


I can do a skype session. Please email me ;D

Not really, But the motor makes clicking sounds almost like a geiger counter. It changes with different tuning parameters. I was just wondering if someone has encountered this. I’m thinking it may be some noise on my encoder lines.


I have been trying to tune and have been having great success when I’m running at 12V. But it does not like 24V much. Am I missing something?

I am starting new topics for these questions so they will be more searchable. If it’s getting annoying. I can stay on one topic. I haven’t done this kind of thing much but I am trying to be involved. I’m the rookie now, give me a while I’ll have answers soon.


Hey @Bart, I’m happy to do another skype session to get you unstuck.
Before we do that, do you mind doing a small summary of what your last problem was that I helped you with, and what the solutions were? If we do it like that, I can feel like I am helping everyone when I do a session.

I’m trying to remember what problems we ran into but I think I had it almost right except for the PATH, right? Should I do a step by step?

Oh yeah, it was pretty simple, I guess not really worth writing about. Okay I’m happy to do another skype session whenever.

No, I really would have had some problems without your help. My next step is to get motion from the Git Bash command prompt. When I get there I plan on starting from scratch on a different PC with Windows 7. (that is what I am running now) As I do that I will document step by step with commands verbatim. Kind of like your getting started but specifically from a novice on a windows machine. Are you going to be around tomorrow night? That would be a good time for me, If that is I am unsuccessful tonight.

Tomorrow night works!

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