Motor & encoder problem


so it turns out, the right side is motor0 and left side is motor 1

So I came across DJI robomaster small BLDC motor with gearbox with it. Link
it’s a pretty small motor…

The motor specs:
rated up to 24V
torque constant is 0.18N*m/A
speed constant 32.96 rpm/V
phase resistance:461mOhm
phase inductance: 64.22uH
Pole pairs: 7

The encoder on it gives voltage (analog) output. it does 7 crossing each rev. the motor comes with the FOC ESC and it works pretty well with it.

I looked over these posts for sensorless

But When I power up the ODRIVE, it only draws ~1A but doesn’t spin and then it stopped.
The tool gives me the error code as 3 (Phase resistance out of range)

this post made the current to 2A but still.

  • after 2A of measuring resistance, (i guess it suppose to spin after that?) then the voltage dip below 24V (like 18v). and I think that might have hit 10A power supply protection (I don’t have caps at the output of the power supply but I think that’s what the onboard caps are for).
  • the vbus_voltage from gives around 1.77V and around 15.5V a lot of times, but not 24V.
  • the config doesn’t really save by using
    ** my_odrive.save_configuration()
    ** my_odrive.reboot()
    Any help will be appreciated