Odrive purchase guide for my cnc mill

Hello Everyone,
I am looking to develop CNC machine like Tormach cnc mill , Can i use Odrive as a spindle drive ?
I have a 5 axis mill design , so can i use Odrive to control my all 5 axis ?

Tormach have spindle power = 1.5 HP
Spindle speed = 10000 rpm
Axis motor = Nema 34 , 12 NM Leadshine , 3 phase analog closed loop stepper drive

I would love to use Odrive , rather to use aforementioned motor.
Please guide me correct motor size for my cnc machine.
My machine weight is around 500 kg.

I want to use Odrive

Hi Sachin, there are many examples of your questions in this forum.

So I would suggest you could start here. " just a starting point " and you can develop more from this point forward!

I hope this will help you.

Regards Jerry :smiley: