Simulator rig with ODrive

@Jerry.Atrick , maybe this Wikipedia article will help. It’s certainly a lot more to design than the universal joint design but the idea is to suspend the platform on parallel links - where they cross is the point at which the whole platform will rotate - but that point will move as it tilts, too - depending on the length of the arms, etc. No such thing as a free lunch! Try the free program Linkages so you can play with it.

But, if you’re ready to start welding and don’t mind this version being “1.0”, I say go forward with what you have. You can always learn from it for the next revision. There may be other things you want to optimize in a second version or maybe 1.0 will suit you fine :slight_smile:

Hi all,

here is a ride with projectcars2.

One word: AWSOME

It’s me again, any problems with the motors? Do they get hot? How many amps are they drawing?

Hi Zennix, this is fantastic, and it looks like the motors/Odrive have no problem in handling the stress of movement.

You must be so pleased.

I’m still a bit behind, but expect the carbon fibre tubes to arrive at end of next week, and will start with building (that is if the misus doesn’t book me on another cruise)

Great work and hope to show you something soon.

Enjoy regards Jerry: smiley:

Hi WK, Sorry for late reply (blame the cruise, have been checking in but time is fleeting)

Ive had a look, not sure I understand any of the math; however some things made sense.

Thanks regards Jerry. :smiley:

Hi all,

Thank you, hope you can start soon. Please show your project here.

The motors are about 35°C after 3 rounds heavy shaking in projectcars2. So, no problem. The brake resistor also.
I have limited the current to 40A for each motor. At the gaming machine is no ANACONDA installed. I cannot read the current. I will readout the current soon.

Greetings / Zennix

I will open a project page soon about my 6dof project


Hi zennix, i really love your project and i want to built one myself :smiley: , do you think is a good idea to modify one of this ebay linear actuators instead?

Hi Andres,

looks good.
I think it’s worth for a try. Change the motor with a brushless one and you don’ have to build 80% of the mechanical stuff. With these pictures I can’t say anything about the power transmission. These actuartors are build for slow movements and for push action.
You want both, quick movements, push and pull movement. But anyway 64$ for 500mm is quite cheap.
My suggestion is, buy one and give it a try.
Don’t forget to post the pics.

Greetings / Zennix

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Thanks, i probably will, and another question, is your carbon fiber tube from hobby king? 16x14x500mm? +


no from a dealer in germany.
1000 x 30/28 they fit exactly over the ballnut.


@Zennix how do you send the two positions for the two actuators?
I guess something like t 0 -<Axis1a><13>t 1 -<Axis2a<13> ?
The minus sign is because I need the motor to turn in the opposite direction.

Hi Robin,
I had the same problem with negative values. I cross the lines A and B of the AMT102 and the values are positive.

Here my settings in the game engine:

Greetings / Zennix

Hi Zennix, I am a new member here in the Odrive community and I am so impresed by your great work with Odrive and your simulator that I decided to follow your way and build my own 6dof simulator with the Odrive System. After a lot of research in the web I think for me this ist the cheapest and most straight forward way to realize a simulator.
The current status of my work:
I made a verry crude CAD design of the actuators and the whole 6dof sim in order to make some movement studies and find out the correct dimensions (still in work!):

Furthermore I ordered (and got) 6 brushless motors of the same type you use. I got them from china for aproximately 30,-€ inc. taxes. Verry cheap :-).
And I ordered the Odrive electronic with two encoders. They will arrive soon.

My plan is to try to get the motors and software working together - and I think this will be the most demanding thing for me :-).
If this is working, I will design the actuator more in detail and will order some materials. Maybe I will make a prototype before ordering all the material for the 6 actuators…I will see.

Kind regards
Peter W.

Hi Peter,
thank you. Your design looks great.
Basicly my goal was to design a 6dof too. But wasn’t shure to get it working with ODrive. Now my 2dof runs without any problems over hours now and it makes still a lot of fun.
May be, I will follow up the 6dof in future, but first I have to find more room for it.

One suggestion:
prepare your development environment as described and buy an STM programmer. There are still some issues with the serial communication and the only way to work around this, is to modify the software by yourself.

Please keep me informed about your progress.

greetings / Zennix


I’m also making a 6 DOF one, you can find my project on the forum aswell.

I would suggest buying the parts for 1 actuator first, I did the same.

What motor is it? Can you send dimensions or a hyperlink?

If you have any questions regarding the buildup of an actuator, I’ve already done a lot of research, so hit me up!

Cheers Stijn

Hi zennix,

What type off VR goggles do you have?

Cheers Stijn

Hi Stijn,
My google is a Smsung Odyssee. Unfortunately they are not available in Europe. I bought it over a agent in NewYork.
Greetings Zennix


Thanks for the information, I think I will go with a Oculus Rift

Cheers Stijn

Hi Zellix,
nice to get such a fast response - thanks!
For sure I will try to reproduce what you have done so far :slight_smile:
I also ordered the original Odrive ST-Link set…
Peter W.