Simulator rig with ODrive


Hi Peter,

Where did you get there cad model of the chair?

Cheers Stijn


Hi Stijn,
that’s only a misunderstanding because in the hyperlink from Hobbyking they call the motor KD-53-30 and when you open the link you will come to the KEDA 63-64 190KV. So very confusing !!!
My Motors are defenetly the KEDA 63-64 (see picture) :slight_smile:

The CAD-files from the Chair came from - a great source for a lot of CAD stuff

regards Peter


That’s indeed very confusing, we’re using the same motors than I guess haha, I will upload more on my project on the end of the month

Carelsbergh Stijn


Hi Zennix,

some days ago my Odrive arrived and yesterday i build a simple test stand for first test runs.
I downloaded the odrivetool and simtools and after some trials i was able to run the calibration sequece…it worked and I am happy !!! :slight_smile:

But!.. now I am standing in front of a mountain called “software” and every code thats written in the tutorials seems to be chineese language for me.
Maybe you could give me some hints how to continue ?

As I have the same Motor and Encoders like you, things should be verry similar to setup?

My main questions:

  1. Do I have to follow all the settings listed in “Configure M0” before I can continue?
  2. How can I get a working *.config, without beeing a software-developer? :slight_smile:
  3. How does the simtool talk with my odrive? Means how do I get the simtool-si
    gnals to the USB-Port?

I am so sorry asking you for so much help!
Mechanical things are easy for me (due to my Job), but software is not my world…

Maybe you could contact me via my private Email: and we can have a telephone conversation in german? Later I would post the solutions in a separate thread about my own simulator in order to help people in the community with same problems.

Kind regards an Merry christmas!!!




I’m working hard on my project, this week I’ve almost finished the mechanical build, next week I’m going on a ski trip so I can’t do much, bit I’m going to try to do some software

Carelsbergh Stijn


Hi Peter,
that’s great that you can start building your rig. First of all, please open you own project thread to document your progress. Send me a link to it and will support you as good as i can.
To switch the conversation to german email would be easier but I think, it’s very important that the Odrive developer like madcowswe and wetmelon can see that there are still some todo’s with there software.

Greetings / Zennix


Hi Zennix!
Ok, I opened my own Project:

Peter W.


Hi all sim builders,
if you try to build a 6dof think about that simtools has no calculation for sterling plattforms included. You need something that does the calculations for your geometry for you.
For me, I don`t want to go through an arduino. I found a solution that it’s worth to haver a closer look to.

Greeting / Zennix


HI Zennix, firstly: Happy new year!!, and secondly: thank you for your assistance (again) I will look closer at this.

I just hope it makes sense enough for me to understand.

Regards Jerry :grinning:

PS: I’m getting a bit closer to sending some pics, frame, wheel peddles (tick) actuators at the moment are in stages. :worried:


Thank you, wish you a happy new year too.

The developer of the hexapod plugin for simtools opened a new thread especially for the plugin. He added also a manual. Find all the stuff here:

Greetings / Zennix