Simulator rig with ODrive


Hi all,
Now I want to tell you something about my project. Inspired from many others in the xsimulator community I decide to build my own simulator rig. But all of the samples are build with DC motors and expensive motor drivers. That’s not what I want to use. One of my hoobies is flying rc planes and therefore I prefer to use brushless motors.
After some invesigation in the net, I found ODrive and I start to build my own rig.

The drawing of the actuator prototype:

Here is the original one:

The end switches are already in place.


Greetings Zennix


Hi Zen, fantastic work :star_struck:

Yes I too am waiting for my ODrive and Motors (on backorder) to pursue a similar result, with 4 actuators belt geared down 5:1 Ball screw 20:05.

Your setup looks professional, but mine will be a little rough looking just for the test process.

With the build process with Rig and all parts I’ve no concerns; however its the code that’s been bugging me, :worried: I hope the code deliberation is easier for you.

Great work


Hi Jerry,

thank you. Seems we have the same goal.
I’m using simtools. Have a look to this: ASCII commands makes ODrive unreachable
Hopefully I can have a look to the code this week and try to find a solution for that issue.
Greetings / Zennix