2 different ODrives v3.4 with different motors give phase inductance out of range on devel branch

I updated to the latest devel branch and now I’m getting ERROR_PHASE_INDUCTANCE_OUT_OF_RANGE for one of my motors, reading the values I get this:
Error motor 0 0
Error motor 1 6
Phase inductance motor 0 0.0002207966026617214
Phase inductance motor 1 0.0013126198900863528

And what is more strange is that my second board with the same type of motors and encoders get me this:
Error motor 0 0
Error motor 1 6
Phase inductance motor 0 0.00021768918668385595
Phase inductance motor 1 0.001135334256105125

So I think there is a bug somewhere because I don’t believe in coincidences

Where is the place where this is treated differently for motor0 and motor1?

Thank you!

I think it might be a software issue because before switching from master to devel I did not have this problem, I will try switching back and see if it goes away.

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Ok, looking into it on my setup now.

I’m just dumping my results here in realtime, nothing conclusive yet. I will be using the same motors in all the tests.

On ODrive v3.4 - 48V edition, with master branch, I get:

In [1]: my_odrive.motor0.phase_inductance
Out[1]: 1.062745286617428e-05

In [2]: my_odrive.motor1.phase_inductance
Out[2]: 1.087363125407137e-05

On ODrive v3.4 - 48V edition, with devel branch, I get:

In [1]: my_odrive.motor0.phase_inductance
Out[1]: 1.0702136933105066e-05

In [2]: my_odrive.motor1.phase_inductance
Out[2]: 1.0885468327614944e-05

I’m gonna switch to 24V board now.

I switched to master and now I get this, no hardware changes at all and both motors work

Phase inductance motor 0 0.00030777082429267466
Phase inductance motor 1 0.0003215439210180193

I do make 2 changes to the code accommodate my motors (I made them both on master and on devel)

  1. on the line that says if (!measure_phase_resistance(motor, motor->calibration_current, 1.0f)), change the 1.0f to 10.0f
  2. change static const float kI = 10.0f; //[(V/s)/A] to 50.0f

If you have a microscope, can you check if any of these cuts seems to have compromised the track going to the via?

These changes should be fine, at the very least they shouldn’t yield different results for the 2 channels.

no microscope, sorry

Can I call you on Skype, and maybe we can brainstorm what’s going on?

yes, call when ready